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17.07 - 21.09.2020 [Realizations and interventions]

Barbara Kozłowska. You can see it all anywhere

Barbara Kozłowska's exhibition - participant of the Wrocław ’70 Visual Arts Symposium, who from the beginning of the 1960s was an active co-creator of the Wrocław avant-garde scene.
17.07 - 18.08.2020 [Realizations and interventions]

Magdalena Sadłowska / “New patterns” / Krupa Gallery Summer Stage

Not many material objects were created as a result of the Wrocław ’70 Visual Arts Symposium – a few scale models, designs of sculptures, urban planning solutions, a catalogue and black-and-white photographs of the exhibition by Tadeusz Rolke. Magdalena Sadłowska is interested in this subtle choreography that takes place in the exhibition space. She observes small, barely perceptible yet repetitive gestures. An exhibition of paintings by Magdalena Sadłowska, inspired by the world of the PRL.
08.08 - 29.08.2020 [Realizations and interventions]

ZŁOTY KIOSK / Liliana Piskorska „Sosna z sześcioma rękami”

Kolejna, VIII odsłona ZŁOTEGO KIOSKU to opowieść Liliany Piskorskiej o opowieść o pięknym mieście Breslau, płonących książkach i fałszywej narzeczonej. Zainaugurowana zostanie 8 sierpnia przez performans na Wzgórzu Słowiańskim.
13.08 - 14.12.2020 [Realizations and interventions]

New Normativity. Wrocław ’70 Visual Arts Symposium

The exhibition entitled “New Normativity. Wrocław ’70 Visual Arts Symposium” is dedicated to one of the most important artistic events in Polish art history of the second half of the 20th century. The meeting of artists, critics and art theorists held in Wrocław 50 years ago under the name The Wrocław ’70 Visual Arts Symposium became a landmark event in many respects, which directed the various new ways of thinking about art in the 1960s towards a new quality.


30.04.2020/g: 22:00 [Realizations and interventions]

Living Monument ARENA / painting a tree

Living Monument ARENA – action in urban space\ painting a tree – outdoor sculpture by Jerzy Bereś\ Wrocław, Piasek Island \ organiser: Entropia Gallery\ cooperation: Maria Pinińska-Bereś and Jerzy Bereś Foundation
09.05.2020/g: 00:00 [Realizations and interventions]

Opening of the Symposium 70/20 year

50th anniversary of the event held in Wrocław is an opportunity to see it from a different perspective – to look more closely at its legacy, get inspired by its past… and build a new one. Wrocław 70/20 Symposium is a grassroots and social initiative created by a local artistic group – diversed team of curators, critics, artists, educators, academics, animators, activists, and cultural managers. They represent various forms of activity, collaborating with museums, galleries, and cultural institutions of an established reputation, as well as recently founded NGOs or independent artistic groups.
09.05.2020/g: 12:00 [Realizations and interventions]

Edyton #70/20

A special EDYTON – marathon of creating and editing entries on Wikipedia, organized by Kolektyw Kariatyda, Wrocław Contemporary Museum and the Wrocław 70/20 Symposium. The event was organized as part of the Symposium 70/20 Opening of the Year Events, and the leitmotif of edyton was the legendary Wrocław ’70 Visual Arts Symposium.
22.05 - 19.06.2020 [Realizations and interventions]

Zbigniew Makarewicz | Nonsens & Sens

Exhibition titled NONSENS & SENS is a collection of ready-made things taken straight from the rubble of civilization processes. The subtitle: "Collections and subsets, compatible and incompatible" is an auxiliary description of what has been built, but it is not an explanation of how the work was built.
12.06.2020/g: 16:00 [Realizations and interventions]

Edyton #8: Sympozjastki

A special EDYTON – marathon of creating and editing entries on Wikipedia, organized by Kolektyw Kariatyda, Wrocław Contemporary Museum and the Wrocław 70/20 Symposium. The event was dedicated to women who were part of the Wrocław ’70 Visual Arts Symposium.
15.06 - 30.06.2020 [Realizations and interventions]

34/5000 Paths for interpretation - exhibition

Paths to Interpretation is a project of the Art Transparent Foundation as part of a number of initiatives carried out by Wrocław cultural institutions and organizations in connection with the 50th anniversary of the famous Wrocław ’70 Visual Arts Symposium in 2020.
30.06 - 28.07.2020 [Realizations and interventions]

Entropolux | Jerzy Kosałka, Tomasz Opania

ENTROPOLUX is a comprehensive facility referring to the project created at the Wrocław ’70 Visual Arts Symposium by Zbigniew Dłubak, Natalia Lach-Lachowicz and Andrzej Lachowicz, recreated by artists - Jerzy Kosałka and Tomasz Opania.
09.07.2020/g: 18:00 [Realizations and interventions]

Legumina Second Life

Commemorating the Wrocław ’70 Visual Arts Symposium, the JEST group together with the invited artist – Kinga Bartniak – is carrying out a project focusing on contemporary times and its problems. During the Second Life Legumina, logged in people will create anonymous character cards and will be taken as part of a invited dinner, during which a divine dessert will be served.
31.07.2020/g: 18:00 [Realizations and interventions]


31.07.2020/g: 18:06 [Realizations and interventions]



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