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13.06 - 28.06.2020 [Education]

Breakfasts with Symposium

"Breakfasts with Symposium" are two realizations of eating meals together at the weekend, inspired by artistic works, which in 1970 were to fill various spaces in Wrocław - downtown courtyards or squares, inter-block green spaces or tubercles, various riverside areas and a river.
23.08.2020/g: 15:00 [Education]

Curatorial tour of the „New Normativity” exhibition

The exhibition is an attempt at curatorial intervention in the history of the Symposium, situated within a field of research and presentations conducted by Wrocław Contemporary Museum regarding the heritage of neo-avant-garde thought. The meeting was hosted by the exhibition curator Piotr Lisowski.
27.08.2020/g: 18:00 [Education]


29.08 - 05.09.2020 [Education]


30.08.2020/g: 10:30 [Education]


05.09 - 03.10.2020 [Education]

The Invisible Manhattan. An alternative topography of the Plac Grunwaldzki housing estate

We invite you to participate in a series of walks, during which we will examine the architecture of the Plac Grunwaldzki housing estate, paying special attention to experiences that appear to have no significance. Blind and visually impaired people are particularly welcome to take part in the workshops. Your perspective is crucial here!
13.09.2020/g: 16:00 [Education]


19.09 - 24.10.2020 [Education]

Miejskie oprowadzania Sympozjum Wrocław 70/20

W ramach cyklu trzech miejskich oprowadzań "Rama do wypełnienia", przywołamy historyczny i społeczny kontekst powstania powojennej architektury Wrocławia – ramy dla sympozjalnych projektów.
23.09.2020/g: 13:00 [Education]

"Baby Art Walk" Sympozjum 70/20 – Popowice

Sympozjum Wrocław 70/20 wraz z Fundacją Art Transparent oraz Fundacją Ładne Historie zapraszają na sympozjalny spacer BAW, czyli oprowadzanie po osiedlu Wrocław Popowice i piknik przy "Samotności" Barbary Kozłowskiej.
26.09 - 17.10.2020 [Education]


31.10.2020/g: 10:00 [Education]

Wrocław 70/20 Symposium. Periodically in Barbara

"Wrocław 70/20 Symposium. Cyclically in Barbara ”is a series of three meetings, talks and workshops in Barbara in Wrocław, devoted to popularizing knowledge about the event among three groups of guests: children, adolescents and young adults.
19.11.2020/g: 18:00 [Education]

Jerzt Ludwiński’s Museum of Current Art as a phantom-institution.

The concept of the Museum of Current Art in Wrocław (MCA), formulated in the autumn of 1966 by Jerzy Ludwiński (1930–2000), an art historian, critic and graduate of the Catholic University of Lublin, functioned in Polish artistic life as a phantom-institution and model-institution, a prototype. Lecture by Magdalena Ziółkowska.
28.11.2020/g: 15:00 [Education]

The right to vote, the space dor resonance and symposium micro-narratives. Practical seminar

During the practical seminar, we will look at selected theoretical and methodological aspects of oral history in the context of art history, including the feminist and post-dependent perspectives. Based on the proposed reading and the experience of working on the artistic and research project of collecting stories about the Wrocław ’70 Visual Arts Symposium.
06.12.2020/g: 16:00 [Education]

Wrocław 70/20/70. Urban planning. Lecture by Izabela Mironowicz

Duing the lecture we will look at the Symposium through the eyes of Izabela Mironowicz– a practicing urban planner and specialist in the field of planning systems, who focuses on the functioning, transformation and future of cities, with particular emphasis on European cities and Daria Kieżun – president of the Wrocław Branch of the Association of Polish Architects.

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